Pest Control

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Pest Control

The eggs of the wood beetle are laid in crevices in wood and hatch into larvae (woodworm) which eat into the wood leaving small tunnels before emerging as beetles and flying away, usually during the summer months.

This is therefore the best time to check for freshly bored holes and tell-tail deposits of dust which indicate active infestation. This should be dealt with as soon as possible before the problem spreads.

The traditional method of treatment is to apply fluid to kill the eggs on the unfinished surfaces of the wood only as solvent in the fluid will damage waxed, varnished, lacquered or painted surfaces. A 'low odour' product is as effective as others. After treatment, the worm holes can be filled with soft wax to disguise their presence.

There is also a warm air treatment called Thermolignum ( that involves no chemicals or toxins and permanently de-infests any organic material from all animal pests. Other modern treatments for woodworm are available from specialist firms throughout the country.