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Solomon Bly deal in English, American and Colonial Furniture & Works of Art from the 17th to 20th centuries.  

Within this field, Julian Bly enjoys a specialist reputation for selecting the very best examples of English Charles II to George II walnut and mahogany furniture ~ "a consistent eye for the timeless purity of patina and proportion, with a focus on form, originality and colour".  

Julian Bly has enjoyed a passion for fine antiques and works of art for as long as he can remember.

After university, Julian pursued a successful career in interior design and property, for many years working extensively in North America.  Some things though are undeniable and his enthusiasm for antiques influenced his work enormously.  Since 1994 he has also consulted to several private collections, written and lectured on antiques and interiors, and dealt in English & American furniture.

With a tradition of five generations of antiques dealers before him, Julian launched Solomon Bly to consolidate his knowledge and expertise.  The company name pays homage to the first recognised dealer in the family, who began dealing in 1831.  Interestingly, he was not the first in the trade with this name.  Sir Solomon de Medina, knighted by William III in 1700 for his contribution to British military victories, was widely recognised as the first true antiques dealer, selling works of art and antiquities from Europe and the Far East to such clients as the Duke of Marlborough.

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